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COVID Guidelines


In order to continue to use public facilities in the Borough of Lewisburg, Kelly Township and East Buffalo Township, Lewisburg Little League is required to follow COVID guidelines at all times.

Purpose: Safeguarding the health, safety and well-being of our players, coaches, volunteers, family members and support personnel is our number one priority. Specific measures will be introduced to protect all parties who continue to play, coach and help take care of the children in our league. 

The COVID-19 safety plan should be viewed, in conjunction with, Lewisburg Little League’s 2022 Safety Plan. In no way is this plan meant to replace or supersede any protocols or restrictions outlined by the Center for Disease Control (CDC) or by state and local authorities. Lewisburg Little League has worked with each township to establish the appropriate protocols. 

The league will not resume league sanctioned activities unless Little League International, state and local authorities grant the League permission to do so. The league reserves the right to stop the season if urged to do so by Little League International, and or local, state, or federal officials. 

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A - Participation 

  1. Players and volunteers are required to stay home if they are feeling ill.

  2. Players and volunteers must allow for 24 hours of no symptoms before returning to participate in any league activity. 

  3. We ask that any participant, whether a player or volunteer, who is diagnosed with COVID-19, notify their coach who is to then notify the LLL Safety officer immediately. 

  4. LLL will adhere to the reporting requirements as required by the PA department of Health or any Government entity. 


B - Fields and Equipment 

  1. All players MUST bring their own water bottles, no team coolers allowed.

C - Practices and Game Play

  1. As per Little League Requirements, there are to be no Parents, Spectators or Non-Registered Volunteers within the field fence or dugout. 

D -  Spectators 

  1. Parents and spectators are NOT allowed in the dugouts. This excludes team coaches and assistant coaches.

E - Concession Stand Operation 

  1. Hands must be washed or sanitized frequently both before, during and after a volunteer’s shift is complete.

  2. All common touch points (i.e. register, door handles, drawers, countertop areas) will be sanitized and disinfected by the concession volunteer prior to opening and upon closing. 

  3. There will be a sanitization station in each concession stand. 


F - Volunteer Training Program and Compliance 

  1. The safety officer will review the safety plan with all board members and coaches at the beginning of the season. 

  2. This safety plan will be posted on the league’s website.
    The safety officer, all board members and all team managers are responsible for enforcement and ensuring all league participants are compliant with this safety plan.

  3. LLL reserves the right to modify and or alter this plan as needed to maintain compliance with current guidelines. 



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